Prevent Summer Boredom

Get ready parents!! SUMMER IS COMING! 

The biggest challenge with children during summer break all center around …You guessed it…BOREDOM.

When kids are bored, they “want a snack,” get into trouble, and incessantly whine about BEING BORED

As my kids entered elementary school, summer boredom became a big problem. It’s not that we didn’t do things like crafts, swimming, zoo trips, family vacations…so why are they constantly bored??? I started out just shooing them off and saying “Only boring people get bored!” But that didn’t help much. Then I figured it out.

School age kids are used to a schedule. When they don’t have a schedule, they suddenly feel like they have “NOTHING TO DO” (we all cringe because we can hear those words already!).

I have never been a big planner but I soon realized that children need a plan and so do we! We don’t need to schedule out every minute of the day, but it saved my sanity to show my kids what they could expect at certain times of the day.

I created a schedule called “My Fun Day!” I would take a few minutes every morning or the night before to fill out some activities and even what we were having for snack and meals. It sounds complicated but was SO easy!

Here’s what “My Fun Day” Looks Like! You can download an editable/printable version of this schedule here.

Printable summer schedule for kids chore chart


  • Each Child Has their own column. So the main task can be general like “Creative Writing” and each child can have their own age appropriate version of that activity…for instance the 3 year old may just have to practice writin letter “B”
  • Each task gets a happy or sad face. I like to tell my daughters to do everything with a “happy heart!”
  • There is a daily reward. This can change from day to day and is editable on the download version.
  • Children know that even though they may not be able to have a snack yet, it is coming soon! (You can add the time to this schedule. I never wanted to get that specific in case something came up, and my kids are still young enough not to worry about the clock)
  • MEALS!!!! You, the caregiver, and the kids all know what you are planning for their meals… I was shocked at how much this reduced the meal time complaints…if it is on the schedule, it is written in stone!

I truly hope that this schedule helps prevent SUMMER BOREDOM in your home the way it did mine. Head over to my post on Summertime fun to find ideas to add to your schedule. As well as Summertime snack and meals!

As a working mom, the balance in life always teeters with the tippy cup so feel free to use what works for your sweet family!

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