3 Baby Proofing Tricks You Haven’t Tried

3 baby proofing tricks that you haven't thought of

Baby proofing can be a very frustrating and expensive time especially if your home doesn’t seem like it was designed for traditional baby proofing. So here are 3 Cheap Tricks to Baby Proofing MY small house without losing my mind in the process.

1. The fireplace.

Is it just me or does it seem like the fireplace is a magnet for little ones?

My living room was not big enough for a huge wrap around gate like I found online, and my kids will just not leave the fireplace alone. I even tried putting a table in front of it… they climbed on top of it and under it…Then I thought Plexiglass!!

You can buy a piece of plexiglass at local hardware store and they cut it for you ( mine cost $20) then I used Velcro to put it up… that is right it is barely noticeable, AND easily removable if you want to use the fireplace! (NOTE: DO NOT USE THE FIREPLACE WITH THE PLEXIGLASS ON!!!!!!)

2. The stairs.

Most stairs have a railing that makes it hard to instal a baby gate. My stairs aren’t any different, and none of us want to drill into expensive railings.

So, by getting a block of wood from hardware store (yes, I had them cut this for me too) and using zip ties to keep wood in place ( it is a two person job to install) It works perfectly!!

3. Cabinets.

There are a LOT of products on the market for baby proofing cabinets. However, with 2 small boys, I found my favorite is not even meant for baby proofing. It is  COMMAND STRIPS.

Easy to install, opening just take a pull, and closing takes a push. The best part is that even if you don’t have soft close doors, the command strips give them that feel.

Just place the velcro command strips on the side of the drawer.

Here is a link for a coupon (because who doesn’t like saving money): http://www.command.com/3M/en_US/command/promotions/coupons/


There you have it, 3 cheap and easy baby proofing ideas that probably never thought of, but have kept my home safe and my mind sane!

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