Who & Why?

kristin llamas inventor of wear a pear shoe snaps

When there’s a problem, ask a mom!

Every mom has been there! You are running out the door on your way to school, work, doctor’s visit or a friend’s house (usually without a moment to spare), and all of a sudden one of the kids yells “I can’t find my other shoe!” So, you search under couches, beds, in toy boxes only to end up stressed, disheveled and late …hopefully with two matching shoes (that fit)!

I’m Kristin Llamas, working mother of three energetic girls and one of nine siblings. For me, the balance between control and chaos often teeters with the tippy cup! One day, after the morning hunt for my kindergartener’s “other shoe,” I decided that I had searched for my last little shoe and it was time to organize the shoe bin. This was a major problem with the nine of us growing up also, we could never find our shoes! But every shoe organization system left me with the same problem… how to encourage little pairs to stay paired! That’s when I realized the solution was as easy as a snap. Literally! I attached snaps to every pair of shoes. My daughters loved snapping them and I loved how their shoes always stayed paired (or “peared”)… so, Wear a Pear shoe snaps were born!

Wear a Pear shoe snaps keep shoes snapped together in storage and easily release for wear. The snaps stay attached to existing children’s footwear as an affordable way to create organization in daily life, travel and home. They are easy enough for a 4-year-old to learn to snap and unsnap before they toss in a basket/closet or even hang on a hook, and then grab to wear!

kristin llamas alfonso llamas shoe snaps

We’ve even color-coded them to aid with learning left and right. With a little plastic snap, we strive to make life on the go and at home a little easier for parents, caregivers, schools, and children’s organizations, one snap at a time! Stop searching for the pair, just “wear a pear.”

From our family to yours,