The Real Mother’s Day…

Article by Kristin Llamas


People (usually friends without children) often wonder why we mothers make such a fuss about our children’s birthdays when they are still too young to even remember them. I personally make a pretty big deal! I bake massive cakes and decorate the entire space with a theme. Our little family will have a grand time whether it is just the four of us or the entire town. But let’s be honest at 5 yrs and under, it isn’t as if they need that special day to be the center of attention. Kids find a way to be the center of attention on a daily basis! And quite frankly, the nuggets are spoiled rotten. Children don’t need toys, and we all know that a day of junk food, photo fails and cake overload never really ends well. In fact, kids don’t even know what a “birthday” really means. They can’t remember being born, and they don’t understand that life existed before them. But guess who does… that’s right, Mommy does. We are the one who felt the first flutter, made 15 trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and suffered through labor (while only slightly losing our cool). So, who is that day is really about? It is “Mother’s Day!”

As for me, I get two Mother’s days… March 19th and March 23rd (a little closer together then I’d like). I’m not afraid to say that I’ve earned them both. This mother’s day is all about that very special anniversary that ends 40 weeks of carrying another life inside of us…and especially that grand finale (they call it labor for a reason). It is about seeing and holding that little person for the first time and somehow forgetting all the delicious treats that we must avoid while pregnant. In fact, we instantaneously  get over every bit of pain suffered during childbirth. I don’t know a mother who doesn’t say “It was all worth it.” But it doesn’t end there.

This day is about the connection that we gain with our child’s father. It is also about the amazing appreciation that we now have for our own mother. Every single year, the celebration becomes more meaningful. Each year a mother is tested, tortured and terrified by the unknown…children can be quite hateful. So if we survive another full year, it is worth celebrating!

While the card companies give us that day in May to make husband’s feel obligated and put children on their best behavior, with or without that day… mother’s already have Mother’s Day(s). The best part about our special day is that all we want to do to celebrate it is celebrate the very gift that make us a mother. That is what mother’s do, they lovingly share ALL of THEIR days with the next generation, sweet and sour moments alike. So, on your next birthday try to thank that very special person who literally carried you into and through life…but give her the made up day in May as well (and even a few extra)…she’s certainly deserves it!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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