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Back To School…

It’s that time of year and children are going back to school! Some parents couldn’t be more excited that summer madness with daycare and camps is over but others dread the days of car rider lines and packing lunches at midnight. As for me…this is the start of my first baby heading off to Kindergarten, […]

How to Live with Less!

In our last blog titled LESS TOYS = MORE JOYS! we referenced Joshua Becker’s article titled “Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids.” From experience, this sentiment is easier said then done so we’ve worked out a few tested thoughts on how to ease the process. Here are seven ways to keep the sentiment without the stuff! Take […]

Less Toys = More Joys!

Is your house filled to the brim with toys? What if we told you that LESS toys is actually better for your children’s health and development? Joshua Becker’s article titled “Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids” is an inspiring read and you can check it out at Becoming Minimalist. Becker goes into detail about 12 […]

My Child’s Art: A Masterpiece or Just A Mess?

How to Encourage “Cope” With Children’s Creativity A concerned mom wrote: “So help me out here, maybe others reading this can relate: Johnny, turning 5 in Oct, has been begging me to paint pictures. Fine, but this summer we’ve only had two weeks of sun, so while it shines, outdoor activities we do. Yesterday it […]