Less Toys = More Joys!

Is your house filled to the brim with toys? What if we told you that LESS toys is actually better for your children’s health and development?

Joshua Becker’s article titled “Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids” is an inspiring read and you can check it out at Becoming Minimalist. Becker goes into detail about 12 reasons how limiting toys leads to more joys. Here is a list of why purging may be a greater gift then any new toy:

  1. More creative.
  2. Longer attention spans.
  3. Better social skills. 
  4. Learn to take greater care of things.
  5. Develop a greater love for reading, writing, and art. 
  6. Become more resourceful. 
  7. Kids argue with each other less.
  8. Learn perseverance.
  9. Become less selfish.
  10. Experience more of nature. 
  11. Learn to find satisfaction outside of the toy store.
  12. Live in a cleaner, tidier home.

We strongly encourage you to look deeper into this list by visiting Becker’s article at:


Based on personal experience, we would also like to add that less toys leads to quicker and easier clean up…which results in fewer battles between parent and child over “pick up time.” And we all know that if we could spend less time cleaning, we can spend more time enjoying.

But even the most minimalistic parents find purging to be hard…our next blog will provide parents with some suggestions on how to keep clutter down to a minimum… despite fear, guilt and sentimental attachment!

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