mud pie dessert

Mud Pie Dessert Cake

I have boys!! My boys loves all things boys, such as mud, dirt bugs …. So when I want to make them really happy MUD PIE!! It is the same thing as dirt cake. Takes about 10 min and has 3-4 ingredients You will need: Chocolate pudding packet 3 cups of milk ( says on […]

pumpkin chili recipe

Pumpkin Chili – Fall Recipe

It is October which means it’s officially pumpkin time!!! Here is one of my favorite pumpkin recipes and it is super easy, and it is a Crock Pot one on top of it. This Pumpkin Chili is Ohio style which means NO BEANS and normally served over pasta (I have eaten it by itself though!) […]

Printable summer schedule for kids chore chart

Prevent Summer Boredom

Get ready parents!! SUMMER IS COMING!  The biggest challenge with children during summer break all center around …You guessed it…BOREDOM. When kids are bored, they “want a snack,” get into trouble, and incessantly whine about BEING BORED As my kids entered elementary school, summer boredom became a big problem. It’s not that we didn’t do […]

three daughters having the third child professional baby photography newborn photography

The Joy’s and Fears of Baby #3

Many people questioned our decision when we announced that we were having baby #3. People tend to be very vocal about other people’s parenting choices. “You’ll be outnumbered,” and “You won’t be able to fit in a booth at a restaurant anymore!” Were just a couple of the outlandish comments made. This is how it […]

snap headband baby headband children accessories wear a pear polka dot headband

A SNAPPY New Twist to the Headband: New Product by Wear a Pear

ANNOUNCING WAPBands! STYLE COMFORT SIMPLICITY Because hard headbands cause headaches and soft headbands pull over the face, messing up makeup, bangs and part. How they work: This fun headband snaps on to keep part and bangs neat. Soft ribbon elastic stretches to provide tailored fit, comfort, and ease of wear, allowing the creation of multiple […]