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The Joy’s and Fears of Baby #3

Many people questioned our decision when we announced that we were having baby #3. People tend to be very vocal about other people’s parenting choices. “You’ll be outnumbered,” and “You won’t be able to fit in a booth at a restaurant anymore!” Were just a couple of the outlandish comments made. This is how it […]

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A SNAPPY New Twist to the Headband: New Product by Wear a Pear

ANNOUNCING WAPBands! STYLE COMFORT SIMPLICITY Because hard headbands cause headaches and soft headbands pull over the face, messing up makeup, bangs and part. How they work: This fun headband snaps on to keep part and bangs neat. Soft ribbon elastic stretches to provide tailored fit, comfort, and ease of wear, allowing the creation of multiple […]

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The Gift that Keeps Giving (to YOU)!

Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers …birthday, showers, anniversary, etc That’s right, we are talking about the somewhat “selfish” gift, that can benefit the gift-giver as much (if not more) as the gift-receiver! We most often do this to our husbands, wives and children, but some of these “hint, hint” gifts even go out to friends! […]

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Best New Children’s Products

Five Favorite New Children’s Products! As parents ourselves, we know the value of finding and using all of the innovative gear that our parents were deprived of. You’d be surprised at how much of these will make you say “that is brilliant!” (Yes, we’ve included Wear a Pear Shoe Snaps…since they are the best idea […]

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DIY Backyard Paradise Project Ideas

Get ready for backyard entertaining this summer! Check out some of our favorite cheap and easy DIY projects that will transform your backyard for less! 1. Pallet Swing 2. Sod An Old Couch 3. Ball Jar and Pallet Chandelier 4. Fence Mirrors Expand Your Yard 5. Replace the light bulbs in an old chandelier with […]

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How to Use Fondant

Here are some cake making tips that will help make working with fondant go a lot “smoother!” I am not a cake expert, so every cake I make is experimental but if I can do it with little ones running around, eating all the fondant scraps then so can you! 1. HAVE A PLAN: It doesn’t […]