Best Gifts from Grandparent

Looking for Gift Ideas From Grandparents That Aren’t Toys?

Many times grandparents want to give the kids something “big.” At least that is the term I always hear. “I want to get them something big.” Well my, garage is filled with riding toys, and house is filled with….toys, so what do I tell them?


  • Car seat-  Ask for the next size up. We have to buy them anyway and now Nana knows her little angels are safe because she did all the research!

  • Personalized wood toy box- Double win! It’s not another toy, and it actually gives you a spot to put the toys. Personalizing it makes this gift really special and convertable keepsake.

  • Family Membership to some place fun! Our favorites are the zoo or aquarium.  This is a great gift that we can use all year and build family memories, all thanks to you! TIP: to make it a more exciting gift for little kids to open, package it with a stuffed animal like a plush monkey or shark.


  • Activity Bags- Such as a pool bag (with cool towel, pool toys, goggles, puddle jumper, etc) or sports bag. My kids were so wanted to start baseball and my mother in law got him a bag with helmet, bat, baseball pants, a hat with his favorite team, along with a shirt and some extra balls (he already had a glove). The best thing about this gift is that it’s useful stuff along with fun stuff and they can spend as much or as little as they want.

  • Day with Grandma- Have them plan a day. Go to movies or build-a -bear out for lunch and ice cream. Make it a day all about them (and a break for mom and dad) my son actually loves gift cards and saves every one. So get a gift card to each place they plan to go and they can see the fun day right in front of them. They have fun, grandma makes memories and mom and dad get a nice break… take about a win win win!!! Best grandparent gift ever!

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