The Best CHEAP Double Jogging Stroller

double jogger stroller review

Looking for the BEST, but CHEAP double stroller? Let’s review some great double strollers!

When I became pregnant with my second child I started researching affordable double strollers. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the options. However with a little over 3 years between my kids I opted to go with a sit and stand stroller. I was great, I was so happy… until I wasn’t! The pros were it’s lightweight, it’s compact, you can put infant car seat in it and the toddler loves that he can stand like a big boy or sit. Until we had a long day out at an event. That is when the cons became very apparent. First, the shade covering is not enough for one kid let alone two and then the three and half year old got tired and with a sit and stand there is no way for the toddler to nap…

SO the next day, the search started again! I went to the big baby store to look and to test some out. I told the sales people my budget was $400 because I didn’t want to be laughed out of the store (I really wanted the best cheap double stroller and my actual budget was under $300). I was told “ Well, you will be able to get something but will just have to pick what is really important to you.” Lets talk about what they showed me.

BOB Double stroller Price $640

bob double stroller review



  • It’s amazing as the sales guy said you can’t beat a BOB.
  • Easy to use , semi lightweight, folds great, ok shade



  • On and no cup holders for kids or adults (mama needs her coffee)
  • To be fair you can buy snack trays for kids (extra $40 ) and a cup holder for adult ( extra $40)

Umbrella Double Stroller – price between $100 and $400

double umbrella stroller review



  • Lightweight
  • Fold up small
  • Higher end models does have shade and storage



  • Lower end ones have no storage and not enough shade.
  • Lower end ones done lean back
  • No snack trays
  • PLASTIC WHEELS!!! You don’t  realize how bad they are until you have to go on grass  or offside walk … it’s a much harder ride and with sleeping baby…. Ehhh





Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller – price $220 ( It’s under $250)

review of baby trend navigator double stroller parenting solutions



  • It’s  a jogging stroller so it has rubber wheels
  • It has ton of shade
  • It has snack trays and cup holders
  • It has storage
  • It can hold infant car seat ( baby trend )
  • Can hold a kid up to 55lbs ( perfect for toddlers )



  • It does not fold as well as others.
  • It is a bit heavy but it’s sturdy


So in the end, I did have to pick what was important to ME. Being a bit more bulky wasn’t worth and extra $400 plus the add ons. And the jogging strollers wheels make the ride a lot better. I guess this means I better go for a run? …next blog “Bye Bye Baby Weight!”

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