Why Wear A Pear?


Keep Shoes Paired

End the missing shoe battle with a snap. Stop searching for kids lost shoes by snapping them together for storage. Easily organize in a closet, throw in a basket by the door, or even hang on a hook. When you reach for one shoe the other is right with it. Stop searching for the pair, just wear a pear!

Teach Left from Right

Each set of snaps is color-coded with one white snap and one colorful snap. This helps educate children by teaching them their left from right foot. With every pair of shoes, attach a white snap to the right shoe and a colorful snap to the left shoe. Remind children "the white goes on the right."

Great for Travel and School

While in a suitcase, backpack, sports locker, or even on the floor of a car, Wear A Pear shoe snaps are great at keeping shoes paired for travel. Plus, by age five, children have the dexterity to snap and unsnap their own shoes, making them one giant step closer to staying organized!

Snap Styles

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